Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Three Things

So I'm loving the Pugs and Kelly radio talk show on Live 105.3 out of Dallas. They do a segment every day called Three Things. Here are mine for today:

ONE: Went to the dentist today. I need a cleaning (which for some reason you have to schedule another appt for??), THREE fillings and my wisdom teeth out. ICK. Why do we have teeth we don't need? They also told me my jaw is not even but goes "to the left" Pretty cool though i saw the xray. Anyhoo say I need to see a specialist. For real? So who has had their wisdom teeth out, how much did it cost and well, the bad was the pain? For an extra couple hundred, they can put me out completely!

TWO: Why won't my real estate contact call me back? Does she not want to sell me a house? For real? I'm a done deal.

THREE: Heard this on the P&K show. You gotta watch it. I found it pretty funny but then again I do have a pretty lame sense of humor....

Side Note to ASS GAGGER - Come play Rock Band with me!!! I need a drummer. I can sing (which I will say sing very loosely!) and can strum a mean guitar, especially BASS!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birthday Trail, Cruise, and Tex Mex!

OK so lots going on here. Job going great...making tons of money. Maybe that's why I've been drinking more - cause I can! I rented an apartment in Bedford (midway between Dallas and Fort Worth and just south of Grapevine - where ALL the COOL hashers live). Plan to buy a house in the next couple of months. What a year it has been. Lots of changes, some good, some bad but all for the best I'm sure. I've realized how wonderful my friends are. 2008 seems to be a big year for some BIG birthdays. I turn 40 on the 15th, Stud Muffin turns 30 on the 15th (baby!), Dead Lay turns 40 on the 15th (we ROCK!), Sextortionist turns 4o sometime in January (and we will ALL be at TEX MEX, beaotches!!), not to mention the others later in the year that I'm not really sure of. I have a good feeling this year will be amazing. Please do not disappoint me, Mr. 2008. So I leave tomorrow for my Bedford apt and a kick ass happy hour I hope. I am haring a trail on Saturday for the Dallas hash (oh, did i mention I am the new haberdasher for D & FW? - woo hoo!!) along with Chihuahua Balls and Gymnophobia. Should be tons of fun because face it, we kick ass. And if you can make it, I guarantee some X and some hot sex for everyone!! Sunday morning I get on a plane and fly to Los Angeles!! Meeting Stud, Sex, and Dairy then heading to free happy hour at our hotel. Who knows what will happen after that....I mean we ARE in LA! Or maybe we'll just hang at the airport and watch for celebrities to fly in. Then on a 5 day cruise....enough said. We get back just in time to catch a plane on Friday and fly to El Paso for TEX MEX!! Wow, I am already feeling old. Hope I can keep up to my usual drunken antics. You know how after a hash weekend people ask you how it was and you say "I had a blast!!", then they ask you about it and you don't really remember any of it? But somehow you just KNOW you had fun? Funny stuff.....\

Other news...Part 1) I bought Rock Band for my playstation 2 - very kick ass game and tons of fun!!! It's like Guitar Hero only you have drums and a microphone. I got an extra guitar so we have four people playing at once. Love love love it!!

Part 2) Went to 2 bowl games over the new year - Armed Forces Bowl and the Cotton Bowl. Armed Forces Bowl was pretty cool - we were on row 14 right next to the Air Force Band. And a hasher from NO - Juggs - was in town. He's a marine captain so had some duties to perform. He got us free booze.....gotta love it!! Oh, and that dern cotton bowl - my Mizzou Tigers POUNCED on the Razorbacks. Great game except that i was on the ARkansas side and decided to quiet down after we got so far ahead - didn't want to rub it in.

Part 3) Texas Interhash is coming up and there will be a Flippy Cup Tournament. Chihuahua and I are in charge. Get your teams of 6 together now. Ours will have cool matching outfits and we plan to take the top prize. I do believe I am the weak link on our team which means I'll get to play more and drink more which in turn leads to be getting better.

Part 4) Lorenzo (that's my cutie patootie little puppy - although he's double in size now) is awesome. He has made such a difference in my life. I am now one of THOSE PEOPLE who cannot go anywhere without their dog. He hashes when I do, although I have to carry him most of the way cause he's too slow, short legs and all. I got him fixed this week - I swear his little doggie balls went from nothing to huge overnight!! I am so going to miss him when I'm gone on my trip!!! Thanks Uncle Wa Wa for watching him!!!

Part5) GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in ending, I cannot wait to see and party with each and every one of you that I love and miss. Let's get this year started right!

Spotty loves ya......

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fun with Dogs

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just so everyone knows, I am boycotting the holidays this year (well except for New Years because that involves drinking!). Please do not get me any gifts, send any cards, call and wish me Happy Holidays because I just don't care. I know who loves me and cares and believe me I will not feel bad if I don't hear holiday wishes. I feel like I have the best friends in the world and so many!!! I know I am blessed. I plan to travel somewhere so unholiday like for Christmas so if someone does not have plans and would like to join me, lemme know. Gonna book something in the next couple weeks. And don't think that I am super depressed or anything....things are much better. I just don't wanna celebrate. Hugs and kisses from spotty to you all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My baby!!

So I got a new puppy. Not that anyone will read this now because I have been gone from the land of blogging for so long. I've been going thru a really difficult time but I am on the upswing and looking forward to some great opportunities. Thanks for everyone who has been there for me. I really could not have made it thru without you - you know who you are and I love you. But back to the cute stuff. This is Lorenzo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Holy, Hell Fire Shit!!!

Tis true....after 2 plus months, an update!! I still have no freakin time to blog but wanna make sure all my cool peeps know about this kick ass party coming up in January. If you have so much fun at Tex Mex, and don't want the party to end, then don't let it! Join me for a milestone birthday celebration. Oh, and it's gonna be super super cheap!!!

Here's the evite link: HUGE ASS PARTY CRUISE!!

And here are some more details:

Hello everyone!
Here is more info about the cruise and how to make your reservations. Tracy will be ready to help you out! If you have any Q's, email me at
Cruise Description:
Just south of the U.S. Border lies a vibrant culture, world class beaches, lush green rain forests, and vividly painted architecture that will dazzle your eyes. Whether your idea of adventure is exploring a colonial city or discovering the joys of a siesta on a white sand beach, a Mexican cruise vacation is perfect for you.
Monarch of the Seas - January 14 to January 19, 2008.
Must have a passport!
Inside Cabins $195.00 per person - regular pricing $421.88 per person
Ocean View Cabins $235.47 per person - regular pricing $549.08
Inside Cabins will be on Deck 2
Ocean View Cabins will be on Deck 2 and 8
Ocean View Cabins booked on deck 2 is an additional $10.00 per person
The cabins have a port hole not a full window. If, someone wants something different they need to contact Tracy Miller. These cabins are the discounted ones. Other cabins she will have to check on. If you want a suite there is no discount however she can still book it. Please let her book it so we have a count of people that is in the group.
Deposit of $100.00 per person is due September 1, 2007.
Final Payment is due November 2, 2007.
This is to guarantee people will be able to get on ship. These trips fill up quickly!
The pricing given does include: shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, fabulous entertainment and daily activities, on-board meals and some beverages, port charges and more. It does NOT include: shore excursions, personal expenses, gratuities, or alcoholic beverages. Government fees and taxes are included. So, the totals you have is everything!
Everyone must book thru Tracy Miller to get this price. They will need to email her at , with their name, address, and phone number and the best time to call them to verify trip.
Sailing Itinerary: Arrive Depart Activity
Day 1 Los Angeles, California 5:30pm
Day 2 San Diego, CA 8:00am 5:00pm Docked
Day 3 Catalina Island, CA 8:00am 5:00pm Tendered
Day 4 Ensenada Mexico 8:00am 5:00pm Docked
Day 5 Los Angeles, CA 6:00am
When you call Tracy to make your reservations she will also discuss what flight you would like to have. Example: where will you be leaving from, and she will discuss the best flight for your needs.
Cancellations Policy:
60 - 31 days before the trip -$50.00
30 or less - $100.00
Going to the ship:
We must be on the ship by 1:00pm. Morning flights are best. There will be someone at the airport to pick up guest.
Going home:
Off the ship by 9:00am - they will receive a ride back to the airport. So flight going home should be around noon.
So, again book the flights through Tracy so she can get you a better pricing.
We hope to see you on the Ocean in January!
Lori, Lorey, & Erik

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Nekkid Hump Day/

OK OK OK! Here's my update. Hope ya'll enjoy. Just for you, Net. A nekkid pic. Yes, it hurt. Yes, I was drunk. Yes, I was camping.